About CIS,B


The CIS, B is a research centre. Some dedicated information literacy experts put their heads together to form an organization - Centre for Information Studies, Bangladesh (CIS, B) to ignite ethical values, infuse voluntary spirit, ensure quality targeting the students of secondary schools of the rural areas. Established in December 2009, the CIS, B has organized and conducted a series of training programmes, seminars and conferences on information literacy, health, hygiene and contributed meaningfully to the Bangladesh National Education Policy 2010. Moreover, CIS, B has been conducting researches on IL and published articles attending the conference in national and international forum. Today, it has been considered to be one of the foremost Information Literacy (IL) and lifelong learning service providers in the country.


The vision of CIS, B is to establish a well-informed knowledge-based tolerant society, capable of facing the challenges of 21st century, through imparting quality education to all citizens of Bangladesh, especially focusing on the less-fortunate secondary level students, having inadequate access to information and technology.


  • The major objectives of CIS, B:
  • Reduce the knowledge gap between the rural and urban students;
  • Conduct research and studies in the areas of libraries, information, communications and knowledge;
  • Raise awareness among the people, especially the secondary students, through information literacy, use of ICT , health information literacy and UN information literacy programme;
  • Organize and conduct seminars, workshops, trainings and conferences in the fields of health, hygiene and social and development issues;
  • Print and publish newsletter, journal in the relevant fields;
  • Provide consultancy and advocacy services to improve quality of education;


Programme Areas:
  • Since its establishment CIS, B has been working in the following major areas:
  • IL Training Programme
  • Seminars and Workshops
  • Observance of designated Days
  • Publication


Other Activities of CIS, B:
  • Lectures on UN, HIV/AIDS, Environment and Health issues
  • Contribution for Dhorkora High School Library, Chawddagram, Comilla
  • Awareness Building on IL
  • Discussion with Rotary Club Eskaton, Dhaka and Greater Dhaka, Room to Read, Plan International, Dhaka Ahsania Mission, etc.


Organizational structure:
CIS, B is a registered organization, governed by an Executive Committee. The Chairman has the advisory and supervisory mandates to run the organization. The Directors look after the programmes and the administration.
Below is the organizational structure:
  • Chairman
  • Director (Executive)
  • Director (Technical)
  • Director (Training)
  • Assistant Director
  • Other supporting staff